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Uturn Creative Studio

Fan Art

Beartholomew has fans. Some of whome are artists.

First up we have my good friend and co-conspiriter on many an odd animation; Rob Turner.

Beartholomew and Armless Hamlet. - Here's a lovely piece he made with his patented style of drawing stuff into opencanvas with a mouse then slopping paint everywhere behind it for colour.
The Foot- A downright cinematic piece of animation, featuring Hamlet, Beartholomew, Sylvia, Blue Bird and wonderful a Terry Gilliam Tribute which also disses Stephanie. So that's alright then (who the frig is Stephanie?).
Sylvia and Hamlet- An epic, ongoing crossover featuring his character Sylvia becoming a client of Hamlet's acting agency and having an adventure. Can you believe he actually wanted me to include this in the Hamlet book? It's got more pages than that whole comic.

Okay. We're off to a good start here. Next we have my good friend and co-creator of The Accidental Emperor); all the way from Austrailia: Alex Scobell.

Mrs.Lawrence - This comic is delightfully cheeky. Let us all delight in its cheekiness (WARNING: contains binoculars).
The Unknown Hamlet - I firmly believe that this little animation is not only the best thing anyone has ever made for me, but also quite possibly the best thing anyone has or will ever make, ever.
Retro Bear- Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha what the hell is this?

Ah, Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. Where would I be without you? Probably lying on a desert island surrounded by the Japanese ladies vollyball team. But that's probably not true; so let's roll on the artwork.

Beartholomew meets The Bitchy Loser - A crossover with Mr. McEwins own comic; < a>The Bitchy Loser. There's any number of reasons why Beartholomew woul;d want to hug this guy. And none of them make even the slightest bit of sense. 'Sgood though, isn't it?
Happy Anniversary/ Birthday/ Christmas - His title. Not mine. Oh yeah, this contains the word fucker so if you're offended by the word fucker I'd advice you to not look at this...Fucker..

The oh-so-talented Idiotface, creater of the oh-so wonderful Paranoid Loyd. Whoever keeps lowballing 'Chicken Fingers' needs to stop.

I'm gonna make you a star - This comic is so good; you'll crap yourself. I'm serious, this is complete kick-arse on a stick. Idiotface, I swear I will complete my half of this comicswap one day. Until then if you need me to do anything for you...Do your chores? Fellate you? Anything at all. Don't hesitate to ask.

Bluke4x4 is the genius behind 'doodletown'. He's also the genius behind these pictures.

If Beartholomew and Hamlet came to Doodletown - This piece of artwork has the last descriptive title ever. That's Devilboy in the foreground with Hamlet. And behind them with Beartholomew is Devilboy's non-homosexual lifepartner Fudgee. It's pretty beautiful.

You should really know who Oyer is...

If you want world domination... - I guess I could just say that Hamlet's wand simply can't do that but...I think he's got me here.

the deranged artistic talent of Justin Wilson isn't just limited to odd, indie-comic looking stick people jamming pieces of paper into other odd, indie-comic looking stick people with sharp objects (It's happend at least twice in GBCink). It also stretches to drawing a certain bear and skull duo...I'm not sure he can do much else, though.

Cheeks! - It's very cheeky!

Olliefreak is called Ollie and he's a freak, apparently. Alex S. calls him Oh-lee freak, which is pretty funny. His comic is 'Bucket O' Demons'

Big-eyed Beartholomew and Inverted legs Hamlet
- A rather sensual piece of work, I think.

Beartholomew and Hamlet - The Kick-Arsetist (that's the word I made up for 'a kick-arse artist'); Richard J. Smith drew this. Not because he wanted to, but because I told him to...Hmmn...

The Queen Bear spazzes out - by Themrock, I'm pretty great at getting awesome people to make shit for me.

Le Sigh - by one of my favourite Deviantarty type people, MissLeo. A skull holding a skull is pretty mindblowing, but not as mind-blowing as those picture where Themrock and Missleo draw each others characters in their own styles. Seriously, hunt those things down!

Secret Santa Comic by an unknown entity. Possibly an angel. Check out how freaking adorable Beartholomew is in Panel 4.

Anyone else got some o' that sweet, sweet Beartholomew related stuff for me? Pictures, Animations, Epic Poems set to lost music by Frank Zappa, home-made live-action porno films with everyone dressed up as rotting bear corpses? Send 'em along to my Gmail account.
Play safe, now!